Monday, March 02, 2009

Jolee turns 5 and Kerry turns 40!

Jolee turned 5 years old yesterday. It seems like only yesterday when we got the phone call that she was coming. We have been through so much with her...our entire family has. And she's worth all of it. She's such a bundle of energy...never a dull moment with Jolee. And, as you can see, she LOVES being naked! I'd love to be able to post photos of her completely clothed, but it just doesn't happen very often!

And, my dear friend Kerry joined the rest of us "grapes" in turning the big "4-0" yesterday. We've all decided to call it "30-10" instead of 40. Sounds better, doesn't it? Her lovely husband, Patrick, threw her a surprise party at their home in Readfield. There was a warm fire (Pat's friend, Dave, felled and fell out of trees to make sure it kept roaring), yummy food (thank you Vicki!) and great conversation. The kids all had a blast (sorry to Caroline's Kit Kitteredge doll-Jolee gave her a haircut...I'll get you another one!) and all got along splendidly.

Oh, and this is the artwork that I made for Kerry! It is four round cardboard discs collaged with bits of paper, some fiber, button, flower and stamped letters. I got the idea from Shari Carroll's book called Layers. It's a lovely book filled with inspiration for gifts from the heart.

Here are some additional photos from Jolee's birthday celebration:

A special gathering with special cousins!
Grandy and his girls!

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Great pictures of all the girls. Looks like Jolee had a good birthday, and it sounds like you are in a better space these days. You look great! Enjoy the last few snowflakes of Winter: Spring can't be too far away!