Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Art, and a Little Bit of Heart

I was reading a blog about how to have a successful said to stick with the only write about one subject on your blog...not to have too many things going on.

What's the fun in that? Plus, it would NOT be in line with the way my mind operates.

I'm pretty sure I have some silly form of ADHD...some days I get a lot done, others I get a lot of nothing done! I flit from one thing to the next, not really doing much of any one thing. Oh, I get a lot STARTED, but not a lot DONE on those days.

On good days, however, I can tackle the world. But it's not just one's many! Like a superhero!

YES! That's what I'll be! I'll be a superhero!

So, today's post will be a little of the other...the ADHD Leslie...

I had an incredible time teaching up at Kieve last weekend. Hannah and I lead our first ever Art Retreat and it was VERY successful! The "leading up to" time was incredibly stressful: will they like it??? but the "during" part was very satisfying, both for Hannah and I and for the participants. I'm in the process of making a slideshow of the weekend so you can see some of the work that came out of our adventure.

It's amazing to me that 11 women that don't really know one another very well can come together and explore art and life together. We sat down for that first meal not really knowing much about one another and, by breakfast on Sunday, we had learned scads about each others lives, interests, joys, name it. Women are incredible creatures. That's a fact.

One the home front, I'm feeling very detached from my family and life at home. I have been gone SO much over the past laundry, no cooking to speak of, just crashing when I get home at night. Jolee has waited until she KNEW I'd be home to get sick. Poor little thing is down for the count with an ear infection.

Meka has spent most of the week working at the barn. I think she's found her "happy place" which makes ME very happy for her. She loves being around animals...and horses really fill her up.

Elvia is just happy to have some down time with me. I think the hustle and bustle of the week has done her in. She's drawing quietly in the other room, checking in periodically to make sure I'm still here.

Yes, love, I'm still here .

and this is my most recent project. It's a house made from a cereal box. We're actually teaching this class next Wednesday. I had so much fun putting in snippets about each of my family members in each window and decorating "Casa de Beattie!"

Enjoy your day. Get outside, breathe...

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  1. cute house!
    Hope you are enjoying a lovely spring